St Mary's Church, Denbury, Devon, England

Monument in St Mary’s Church, Denbury, Devon commemorating Captain Joseph Taylor RN, d. 1733

Memorial: M2005
A Grey obelisk in relief hung with a medallion portrait of Taylor and naval trophies, stacked gun barrels behind, a sarcophagus below. On the base, a relief of a naval action showing Taylor's ship engaging four galleys, probably representing the battle of Velez Malaga 13 August 1704 in which Taylor took part in the 'Charles Galley' 32.

St Margaret's Church, Rochester, Kent, England

Wall tablet in St Margaret’s Church, Rochester, Kent commemorating Captain Francis Percy RN d. 1741

Memorial: M3722
Two skulls and flowering urn above, cherub's heads and swags at the top of the inscription tablet. Winged cherub's heads and floral garlands down sides. Below, a skull with shell-shaped wings and a shell shaped cartouche.

Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Memorial in Westminster Abbey, London commemorating Admiral Sir Charles Wager RN d. 1743

Memorial: M4796
Fame sits holding a trumpet and the portrait medallion of the admiral which is also supported by the infant Hercules. On her right is an urn and at her feet a cannon and anchor. Wager's arms on a pyramid behind. Below the inscription, a relief of Wager's action off Cartagena 28 May 1708.

Church of St Peter and St Paul, Shadoxhurst, Kent, England

Monument in the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Shadoxhurst, Kent commemorating Captain Sir Charles Molloy RN d. 1760

Memorial: M3862
Pyramidal, above the inscription a cherub holds a full face portrait flanked by a globe, compass and naval trophies. The upper part consists of cherubs heads in clouds incribed: 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.