Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Monument at Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London commemorating Lieutenant Sir Charles Harbord and Sir Clement Cottrell RN d. 1672 .

Memorial: M4783
Relief showing 'Royal James' being attacked by a fireship and the Dutch squadron under Van Tromp. (RCHM) 'Black and white marble wall monument consisting of a high base with trophies and a bas-relief of a sea fight and above two large inscribed panels each with a cartouch of arms and having a common cornice and broken voluted pediment.'

Church of St Peter and St Paul, Shadoxhurst, Kent, England

Monument in the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Shadoxhurst, Kent commemorating Captain Sir Charles Molloy RN d. 1760

Memorial: M3862
Pyramidal, above the inscription a cherub holds a full face portrait flanked by a globe, compass and naval trophies. The upper part consists of cherubs heads in clouds incribed: 'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

St Andrew's Church, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England

Memorial to Colonel Richard Nicolls, d. 1672  during the Battle of Solebay, Ampthill

Memorial: M1183
A floor monument with a broken pediment containing a cartouche of arms with a crest, above within a second pediment is embedded an iron cannon ball. The inscription tablet is flanked by fabric drops decorated with husks and suspended by bows, with volutes and swags of foliage below. The whole stands on a plain base.