St Margaret's Church, Westminster, London, England

Memorial window at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, London, dedicated to Admiral and General at Sea, Robert Blake, Commonwealth Navy, d. 1657

Memorial: M4761
The main lights show:- the archangel Michael, Christ walking on the water inscribed 'Lord Save Me', an angel inscribed 'Angel of the Sea'. The predella depicts scenes from the life of Blake.

Oude Kerk, Delft, Delft, Netherlands, Rest of the World

Monument in the Oude Kerk, Delft, Delft, Netherlands commemorating Admiral Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp d. 1653 and Admiral Cornelis Tromp d. 1677

Memorial: M2004
Prone effigy in armour with the head resting on a gun. Behind, putti supporting shields of arms with military trophies below and on the pilasters at the sides of the monument; at the top, two Tritons blowing on shells on either side of a coat of arms. Relief of sea battle on front of tomb chest between festoons of shells.