St Mary's Church, Ascension Island

Memorial to crew members of HMS ‘Flora’, drowned in a boat accident in 1879, Ascension Island.  

Memorial: M23
Relief above the inscription of the barge off a rock on which is a cross.

All Saints Church, Dovercourt, Essex, England

Memorial at All Saints Church, Dovercourt, Essex, commemorating William John Moor d. 1907

Memorial: M5197
A carved memorial with a statue of a cherub scattering roses on Moor's grave at the top. The figure stands on a rock on which is placed an anchor with a chain and a laurel wreath with a ribbon inscribed 'HERO'. A photograph of W.J. Moor was placed above the inscription (now damaged). The grave has kerbstones and chains (now missing). The surface is covered with marble chips.