Toxteth Park Cemetery, Liverpool, Merseyside, England

Headstone in Toxteth Park Cemetery commemorating Captain W.H. Hill d. 1846

Memorial: M6040
The remaining section of a badly damaged headstone is semi-circular with the top section missing. It has a wide outer border, cut lower than the central area where the inscription is located. The words 'IN Affectionate Remembrance' follow the curve of the stone, with the remaining inscription in a vertical position. An oblong section with two short ends sits in front of the remaining section of the Headstone.

York Minster, York, North Yorkshire, England

Memorial in York Minister commemorating Vice-Admiral Henry Medley d. 1747

Memorial: M1089
Sarcophagus carved with naval battle relief, flanked by weeping cherubs, one with a crown, the other with an inverted torch. Portrait bust and trophies above.