Kymin, Monmouthshire, Wales

Naval temple in Monmouthshire, Wales dedicated to those Admirals who fought for Britain in the American and French Revolutionary Wars.

Memorial: M2907
Small building with Britannia on the arch the above roof. Two alcoves with seats.

Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford, Suffolk, England

Memorial: M3026
Above, a semicircular carving of a foul anchor within a wreath of oak and laurel branches, crossed swords and flags behind, surrounded by inlaid laurel branches. A dolphin and trident on each side of the inscription tablet. Architectural surround carved with egg and dart mouldings and acanthus leaves.

Chatham Historical Society Museum, Chatham, Kent, England

Brass plaque at Chatham Historical Society Museum, Chatham, Kent commemorating the Officers, Petty Officers and Men of the Royal Navy who died during the Campaigns in Egypt, Sudan and the Nile March for the Relief of Khartoum, d. 1882 – 1885

Memorial: M1787
Columns flanking inscription