Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Memorial plaque in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Republic of Ireland, commemorating Henry Mathias, RN, d. 1849

Memorial: M6393
Above an inscription tablet on brackets, a white marble relief of two ships beset in ice with icy peaks silhouetted against a grey background behind them. A foul anchor is carved on the pediment above.

Old Cemetery, Cobh, County Cork, Republic of Ireland

Memorial at Old Cemetery, Cobh, County Cork commemorating two passengers on the Lusitania, Inez and George Ley Vernon.  George Ley Vernon died 7th May 1915 when the vessel was torpedoed.  Inez committed suicide in New York in July 1915.

Memorial: M1915

Dunlicka Castle, Dunlika Road, Kilkee, County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Memorial stone at Dunlicka Castle, Dunlicka Road, Kilkee, County Clare commemorating six Atlantic Ocean Rowers and one Pacific Ocean Rower lost at sea between 1966 to 2001.

Memorial: M5078
Four-ton chunk of local limestone, resembling a wave, engraved with names of the deceased. The inscription has relief carvings of a sun and smooth rocks.