Memorial: M5464

Memorial at Lowestoft Municipal Cemetery, Lowestoft, Suffolk commemorating Thomas Hodson, d. 1876 off Jervis Bay,  Australia


Lowestoft Municipal Cemetery, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England


'Samuel Hodson husband of Elizabeth died June 4th 1903 aged 79 also of Elizabeth his wife died April 3rd 1907 aged 82 also of THOMAS B. Hodson second son of the above who was drowned at sea by the foundering of SS DANDENONG off JERVIS BAY, AUSTRALIA, Sept 11 1876 aged 24'


Type: Gravestone
Position: Plot 3
Vessel: SS Dandenong


Hodson, Thomas B.
Age: 24
Date of Death: 11/9/1876
Cause of Death: Vessel Loss
Rank / Occupation: Officers' servant
Organisation: Melbourne Steam Ship Company


Notes: SS Dandenong was a passenger-cargo steamer, operated by the Melbourne Steam Ship Company, that ran between Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. She left from Melbourne on the 8th September 1876 with 53 passengers. Gale force winds damaged the ship which began taking in water. Several boats, including the barque, Albert William, came to the rescue of the passengers and crew. One of the lifeboats was hit by the rolling barque and only four were saved. In total, 40 lives were lost in the storm.