Memorial: M5105

Memorial in the Old English Cemetery, Livorno, Italy commemorating Captain William Robert Broughton RN d. 1821


Old English Cemetery, Via Giuseppe Verdi, Livorno, Italy, Rest of the World


'Sacred to the memory / of William Robert Broughton Esqre / Captain in the Royal Navy of England / and Colonel of Marines / His professional Career was honorable to himself / and beneficial to his country / on two voyages of Discovery / he traversed the Pacific Ocean / with the Perseverance, Intrepidity and Skill / of a British Seaman / on the intricate coast of Java as Commander in Chief of the English Squadron / he steered his fleet to victory / and secured that valuable island to / his Sovereign / after having braved and overcome danger / for forty seven years in the service of his Country / on the 12th March 1821 / in the 59th year of his age / he died suddenly at Florence / in the bosom of his family /to whom he was endeared / by those qualities which ameliorate the evils / and enliven the joys of domestic life / it is now the Consolation as it was the happiness / of his afflicted widow and children / that to the character of a brave and gallant officer / was united in the object of their Sorrow that of a good Christian'



Capture of Java, 1811


Broughton, William Robert
Age: 59
Date of Death: 12/3/1821
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN; Colonel of Marines
Organisation: Royal Marines, Royal Navy


Bibliography: G.G. Milner-Gibson Cullum; Francis Campbell MaCauley 'The inscriptions in the old British cemetery of Leghorn' (Leghorn, 1906) p.17.