Memorial: M5001

Memorial at Rochester Cathedral to Royal Marines who died in the Egypt Campaign 1882-1889


Cathedral, Rochester, Kent, England


[On ribbon] 'PER MARE PER TERRAM', 'Sacred to the memory of / the undermentioned Officers / N.C. officers, Dr & Ptes. of the Battalion / of Royal Marine Light Infantry / who were killed in action or died of their wounds or disease / while serving their Queen & Country / in Egypt in the Campaign of 1882 / CHATHAM DIVN. LIEUT COLUM: CAPT BRANSON, LOVE, SPEEDY, DR. GUNN. / PTS, RICHARD, CROSS, HALL, BAXTER, BILDHAM, SHEPHERD, / DOVE, PLATTEN, POWER, DAY, RUTTER, GEORGE, HUDSON, JONES, / PIERS, GILBERT, TEMPLE, GILLIES, PAYNE, STOCK, MALONEY, ELLIOT, / BURNHAM, CORBIN, LEWIS, ROBINSON, HALLOWES, CUTCLIFFE, STOLEDAY, / PORTSMOUTH DIVN / MAJOR STRONG, SERGT JERVIS, LAKER, CORPL. LANCASTER. / PTS CASTLE, OWEN, MURRAY, ELLIS, HICKS, SMITH, HALBERT / SHATTOCK, PYE, ROUTLEDGE / BUNN, HAYES, BAKER / PLYMOUTH DIVN / CAPT. WARDELL, LIEUT PARKINSON & COKE / CORP BROWN, PTS. STEWARD, JENKINS, BUTLER / WARREN, JOHNSON, DEAN, NAPPER INGRAM / This tablet is erected by the Officers / of the Battalion in remembrance / of their departed comrades'


Description: Engraved with the Royal Marines badge, flags, and a floral border.
Type: Memorial
Materials: Brass


Egypt Campaign

Event Date


Event Category

19th century conflicts in Asia


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