Memorial: M4813

Memorial wall monument in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London commemorating Edward Wortley Montagu d.1777


Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England


'EDWARD WORTLEY MONTAGU / Qui ab Indis Orientalibus in Britanniam rediturus / Naufragus peruiit MDCCLXXVII, annum agens XXVII / In memoriam Amicitiae / Apud Scholam Regiam vicinam inchoatiae; / Oxonii contenter productae; / Magna parte Orbis interjecta non diminutae: / Morte vix abruptae; / coelis, si videatur Deo, renovandae / Monumentum hoc werigebat, / JED / Librorum praedicti Haeres, / et Residui Cohaeres Legatus'
[Translation] ‘This monument was erected to Edward Wortley Montagu, who was shipwrecked while returning to Britain from the East Indies in 1777 in his 27th year, by John English Dolmen, heir to the aforementioned Edward’s library, and his joint residuary legatee, in memory of a friendship which began at the neighbouring royal school [Westminster School], continued without interruption at Oxford, was not diminished though half the world lay between, was hardly broken even by death, and which, if it pleases god, shall be renewed in Heaven.'


Description: Sarcophagus in relief above inscription tablet with a mourning female figure on the front and an urn on top. Cherubs head below inscription tablet.
Type: Wall monument
Position: West walk cloisters
Materials: Coade stone


Montagu, Edward Wortley
Age: 26
Date of Death: 1777
Cause of Death: Vessel Loss
Rank / Occupation: Passenger
Organisation: Unknown


Bibliography: Alison Kelly 'Mrs Coade's stone' (Upton-upon-Severn, 1990).

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