Memorial: M4801

Memorial in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London commemorating Captain Lord Aubrey Beauclerk RN d. 1741


Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England


'Whilst BRITAIN boast her Empire o'er the Deep / This Marble shall Compell the Brave to weep / As men as Britons, & as Soldiers mourn / 'Tis Dauntless, Loyal, Virtuous BEAUCLERK'S Urn / Sweet were his Manners, as his Soul was great / And ripe his Worth, tho' immature his Fate, / Each tender Grace yt Joy & Love inspires / Living; he mingles with his Martial Fires; / Dying he bid BRITANNIA'S Thunder roar / and SPAIN still felt him when he breath'd no more. The LORD AUBREY BEAUCLERK, was the youngest Son of CHARLES DUKE of ST ALBANS by / DIANA Daughter of AUBREY DE VERE EARL of OXFORD / He went early to Sea & was made a Commander in 1731. In the Year 1740 he was sent upon/that Memorable Expedition to CARTAGENA, under the Command of ADMIRAL VERNON in / his MAJESTY'S Ship the PRINCE FREDERICK, which with three others was ordered to Cannonade the / Castle of BOCACHICA. One of those being obliged to quit her Station the PRINCE FREDERICK / was exposed not only to the Fire from the Castle, but to that of the Fort St JOSEPH & to two Ships/that guarded the Mouth of the Harbour; which he Sustained for many Hours that Day / and part of the next with uncommon Intrepidity. / As he was giving his Commands upon Deck both his legs were Shot off but Such was his / Magninimity yt he would not Suffer his Wounds, to be drest til he had communicated his Orders to/his first Lieutenant wch were to Fight his Ship to the last Extremity / Soon after this he gave some / Directions about his private Affairs & then resign'd his soul with the Dignity of a Hero & a Christian. / Thus he was taken off in the 21st Year of his Age an Illustrious Commander of Superior / Fortitude & Clemency, Aimiable in his Person, Steady in his Affection & equall'd by few / in the Social & Domestic Virtues of Politeness, Modesty, Candour & Benevolence / He Marry'd the Widow of COLL:FRAS ALEXANDER, a daughter of / SR. HENRY NEWTON KT, Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of FLORENCE / & the Republic of GENOA & Judge of the High Court of Admiralty &c.'


Description: Bust in Roman armour, above inscription panel, trophies and a coat of arms.
Type: Monument
Position: North transept, west aisle
Materials: Marble
Artists: Peter Scheemakers


Cartagena 1741


Beauclerk, Aubrey
Age: 20
Date of Death: 1741
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Grandson of Charles II and Nell Gwynne. Verse by Edward Young (Roscoe gives James Thomson as the possible author of the verse). Design V&A D1058-1887. It has flaming urns instead of the naval trophies flanking the plinth supporting the portrait of Beauclerk.

Bibliography: David Saunders 'Britains Maritime Memorials and Mementoes' (Yeovil 1996), 81; 'Westminster Abbey, Official Guide' p. 87 (Dean and Chapter of Westminster 1997); E.W. Brayley 'The History and Antiquities of Westminster Abbey' vol.ii (London, 1823); J. Physick 'Designs for English Sculpture 1680-1860' (London, 1969); Ingrid Roscoe 'Peter Scheemakers', 'The Sixty-first volume of the Walpole Society' p. 205 (1999).

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