Memorial: M3190

Wall tablet in St Ann’s Church, Portsmouth Dockyard commemorating Commander W.G.B. Estcourt RN d. 1845


St Ann's Church, Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth, England


'SACRED TO THE MEMORY / OF COMMANDER W.G.B. ESTCOURT / Late in command of Her Majesty's Steam Sloop ECLAIR, who died on the 16th September 1845 / AGED 38 YEARS / on passage from Bona Vista to Madeira, from fever, contracted on the coast of Africa, while / employed in the suppression of the / SLAVE TRADE / HIS BROTHER OFFICERS AND FRIENDS, / to whom he became endeared by his many virtues, have erected this / TABLET / to record the deep sense of their loss, and perpetuate the memory of his worth / with commander ESTCOURT / perished 65 Officers and Men in the short period of Two months / 'Is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, / and to let the oppressed go free that ye break every yoke' Isaiah 58:6'


Type: Wall tablet
Materials: Marble
Vessel: HMS Eclair


Estcourt, Walter Grimston Bucknall
Age: 38
Date of Death: 16/9/1845
Cause of Death: Infectious disease
Rank / Occupation: Commander RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Recorder: B. Tomlinson
Photographer: B. Tomlinson