Memorial: M2236

Tomb at All Saints, Fulham commemorating Captain Andrew Snape Douglas RN d. 1797


All Saints Church, Fulham, London, England


'Within this vault are deposited the Remains of Sir Andrew Snape Douglas, Knight, Late captain of His Majesty's Ship Queen Charlotte, And Colonel of Marines, who was born the 8th Day of August 1761 and died on the 14th day of June 1797. Of a life so short in Duration but full of public usefulness and glory seventeen years were spent in the station of a captain in the British Navy. Among various most essential services which signalized his zeal and abilities in his profession His valour and conduct on the first of June 1794 and the 23 June 1795: Two of the proudest days which the Naval History of Britain has to record, were equally conspicuous and important. His ardour and Bravery as an officer were tempered by those gentler virtues Mildness, Affection, Benevolence and Piety which distinguished his character as a man: His memory will long be cherished amidst the affliction and tender regrets of his family and friends. It will live in the gratitude and applause of his country'


Description: Tomb within railings.
Type: Tomb
Position: Churchyard
Vessel: HMS Queen Charlotte


Glorious First of June

Event Date


Event Category

1793-1802 French Revolutionary War


Douglas, Andrew Snape
Age: 36
Date of Death: 14/6/1797
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN. Colonel of Marines
Organisation: Royal Marines, Royal Navy


Bibliography: 'Naval Chronicle' vol. 12, p. 481 and frontispiece, Plate CLXVII, London, 1804).