Victoria Park, Portsmouth, England

Memorial commemorating Royal Naval casualties during the Boxer Rebellion at Victoria Park Portsmouth

Memorial: M1065
Bell in a pagoda-shaped monument, the roof supported by four columns.

Shore of Menai Strait just west of Britannia Bridge, Anglesey, Anglesey, Wales

A tower on the Anglesey shores of the Menai Strait commemorating Admiral Horatio Nelson d. 1805

Memorial: M1186
A square stone tower with an open doorway on north side with an access ladder inside which leads to a walkway round an octagonal of dressed stone about 9' high. Above a round plinth with the words 'Nelson' on seaward side, on landward 'Clarence Paget,Sculptor 1873'. Above this a stone statue of Nelson (sword now broken). Large slate 'windows' in three sides of the stone tower. On the east and west sides large inscription 'Fell at Trafalgar 1805'. On seaward side 'England expects that every man will do his duty.'

Church of the Holy Spirit, Tallinn, Estonia, Rest of the World

Plaque in the¬†Church of the Holy Spirit, Tallinn, Estonia commemorating the loss of British submarine ‘E18’ in 1916

Memorial: M6186
Engraved brass plate mounted on stone surround with silhouette of HM Submarine E18; details of date and position of sinking; list of the thirty British and three Russian officers and men who lost their lives; enamelled ensigns of Royal Navy (White Ensign) and Russian Navy (Cross of St Andrew).

St Leonard's Church, Butleigh, Somerset, England

Vault at St Leonard’s Church, Butleigh, Somerset commemorating Captain Alexander Hood RN d. 1798

Memorial: M5604
Classical dentilated Doric entablature with triglyphs and carved flowers on the frieze (similar to sarcophagus of Cornelius Lucius Scipio Barbatus).