Central Gardens, Middlesborough, England

Memorial in Central Gardens, Middlesborough commemorating Captain James Cook RN d. 1799

Memorial: M5562
A lattice-like steel structure in the form of a leaning bottle embedded in the ground. It has a steel cork. The outer lattice is in the form of a handwritten message (from the log of Cook's first voyage to the South Seas). The inner message arranged in a spiral is a poem.

Fort Needham, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Rest of the World

Memorial in Fort Needham, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada commemorating Captain James Cook, RN, d. 1779

Memorial: M5131
Bronze plaque inscribed in English and French fixed to a stone plinth. The plaque was produced and installed by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, an agency of the Canadian Government.

Albert Park, Linthorpe Road, Middlesborough, England

Sculpture in Albert Park, Linthorpe Road, Middlesborough commemorating Captain James Cook RN d. 1779

Memorial: M5563
Six painted and carved tree stumps in a semi-circle round a flower bed. 1) A seascape with an albatross and ship. 2) Sun, Saturn and bottle 3) Ink well, quill pen and open book inscribed 'Once again under sail I / opened my secret / orders we are...Transit of Venus / then sail south east / from Tahiti into unknown / waters charting and discovering new land... / James Cook 4) Boomerang and lizard 'BOTANY BAY' 5) Saw, mallet and plane 'REPAIRS' 6) Still life of lemons 'LEMONS KEEP SCURVY AWAY'.