Southsea seafront, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, England

Memorial at Southsea, Portsmouth to HMS ‘Shannon’s’ Naval Brigade who died during the Indian Mutiny 1857-1858

Memorial: M3651
Granite plinth with frieze of scallop shells and egg and dart moulding round the top, bronze trophies above. Four cannon embedded in the plinth.

Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford, Suffolk, England

Memorial at Holy Trinity Church, Long Melford, Suffolk commemorating Captain Hyde Parker, RN d. 1854

Memorial: M3026
Above, a semicircular carving of a foul anchor within a wreath of oak and laurel branches, crossed swords and flags behind, surrounded by inlaid laurel branches. A dolphin and trident on each side of the inscription tablet. Architectural surround carved with egg and dart mouldings and acanthus leaves.

Victoria Park, Portsmouth, England

Memorial commemorating Royal Naval casualties during the Boxer Rebellion at Victoria Park Portsmouth

Memorial: M1065
Bell in a pagoda-shaped monument, the roof supported by four columns.