Memorial: M5960

Statue at the Old  Library, Lichfield of a  naval brigade rating from HMS ‘Powerful’


Old Library, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England


Description: Sailor in field service order holding a Lee Enfield rifle Mark 1. 'HMS POWERFUL' on his cap ribbon.
Type: Statue
Position: South wall
Materials: Ketton stone
Date Erected: 1905
Artists: Robert Bridgeman & Sons, George Frederick Bodley
Vessel: HMS Powerful


Boer Wars

Event Category

19th century conflicts in Africa


Notes: From a South African war memorial erected in Duncombe Place York. Replaced with an unarmed figure.
Bibliography: Public Monument and Sculpture Association, National Recording Project. Pieter van der Merwe 'Another Lichfield Sailor', 'Mariner's Mirror' vol. 95, No. 4. (November 2009) P. 483.
Recorder: Dr Pieter van der Merwe
Photographer: Dr Pieter van der Merwe