All Saints Church, Dovercourt, Essex, England

Memorial at All Saints Church, Dovercourt, Essex, commemorating William John Moor d. 1907

Memorial: M5197
A carved memorial with a statue of a cherub scattering roses on Moor's grave at the top. The figure stands on a rock on which is placed an anchor with a chain and a laurel wreath with a ribbon inscribed 'HERO'. A photograph of W.J. Moor was placed above the inscription (now damaged). The grave has kerbstones and chains (now missing). The surface is covered with marble chips.

Lake cemetery, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England

Memorial at Lake cemetery, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, commemorating John Moss, William Moss, Charles Moss, Charles Selth, Henry Kirkaldie d. 1887 in the loss of ‘Pride of the Sea’

Memorial: M3872
'...a rock surmounted by a cross which has the appearance of weather-beaten oak. Beneath and fastened to the cross is an anchor with a broken strand of rope. The grave is enclosed with an iron chain supported by eight very solid stone supports shaped in keeping with the rock which bear the inscription.'