Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Memorial in Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London commemorating Lord High Admiral George Villiers, RN, d. 1628

Memorial: M4772
The monument consists of an altar tomb or sarcophagus with a wall piece at the back, figures at angles and a tablet at the east wall. Black marble base. The sarcophagus is of black marble with pedestals at angles on which rest four obelisks supported on bronze skulls and formerly enriched with metal ornaments now lost. Effigies on the sarcophagus of the duke in repousse plate-armour enriched with crossed anchors and monograms (GKB), ermine tippet, robe or mantle, coronet, chain and garter, his duchess in an embroidered gown, cloak and coronet. At the angles of the tomb, four bronze seated figures, two female figures at the head, and Neptune and Mars at the feet. On the wall at the back, a black and white marble wall piece flanked by two pairs of ionic pillasters with gilt bronze capitals ornamented with ram's heads. On the frieze above are the initials 'GV DB KDB'. On the cornice two cherubs and on the upper cornice, two female figures supporting a cartouche of arms. Between the pilasters, kneeling figures of two daughters and one son, all in white marble, also three panels with inscriptions.