St Mary's Church, Denham, Buckinghamshire

Memorial to Admiral Sir H.J. Studholme Brownrigg d.1943 at Denham, Buckinghamshire.

Memorial: M6572
A white oval tablet with a torus moulded frame. Above the inscription is a naval crown. Beneath is the crest and motto of the Brownrigg family (A sword entwined with a serpent on a mural crown). Motto: 'VIRTUTE ET SAPIENTE'.

Eastbourne, East Sussex

Memorial in Eastbourne, East Sussex commemorating John Wesley Woodward d. 1912, a musician on ‘Titanic’

Memorial: M6571
Pink granite with two bronze panels, to the left with the inscription, to right with a depiction of the of the ship sinking. Also in bronze, a circular portrait of Woodward in the centre in relief, palm branches, music and cello below.

Teigngrace, Devon, England

Memorial in Teigngrace, Devon, dedicated to Charles Beckford Templer d. 1786

Memorial: M6569
A relief of the shipwreck in the centre with the survivors clinging to the rocks. This is flanked by dolphins, with the inscription on a tablet above; the verse on a draped marble cloth below, held in the dolphin's beaks. In white marble on a coloured marble back plate.

St Margaret's Church, Paston, Norfolk

Memorial window at St Margaret’s Church Paston, Norfolk, dedicated to Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Mack RN, d. 1917, lost in HMS ‘Tornado’

Memorial: M6556
Three light window, in the tracery above, the White Ensign (with blue cross) and the Union Flag. The three main lights depict St Michael in the centre flanked by two angels. The left hand one holds a shield depicting Britannia, a naval crown as the crest. The right hand angel holds a shield bearing the Admiralty foul anchor, a king's crown above. At the base the dedication panel is flanked by HMS 'Tornado' on the left and the sea off a shoreline with flying swans to the right.

Islay, Argyle and Bute, Scotland

Memorial to the loss of the emigrant ship  ‘Exmouth’ 1847, on Islay.

Memorial: M6550
A bronze plaque on a stone cairn within a gated and walled enclosure. A Celtic cross above the plaque and on the gate.