St Matthew's Church, Hawkesbury, New South Wales, Australia

Wall tablet in Hawkesbury, New South Wales dedicated to Captain William Blake RN d. 1874

Memorial: M5547
In relief above the inscription a foul anchor with the chain wrapped round a cross.

Wall tablet in Hawkesbury, New South Wales dedicated to William Blake. d. 1874

Royal Marines Museum, Eastney, Hampshire, England

Memorial in the Royal Marines Museum, Eastney, Hampshire dedicated to a small collection of the officers and men of the Royal Marines who were lost in the Boer War and the Boxer Rising.

Memorial: M6421
Rectangular brass wall plaque with lettering inlaid in black, with capitals in red.

RC Church of St Henry and St Elizabeth, Sheerness, Kent, England

Pulpit in Sheerness, Kent, dedicated to those catholic officers and men of the Royal Navy and Marines who lost their lives during the Egypt Campaign of 1882 – 1889.

Memorial: M6335
The pulpit is supported by a central column surrounded by an arcade of marble columns. On the east side is a curved stair with metal handrail. The niches on the sides have carvings of St Athanasius, the patron saint of Egypt, as well as the four Evangelists' symbols. They are divided by marble columns whose capitals support angels with shields. The latter carry the arms of Pope Leo XIII, the bishop of Southwark, Lieutenant De Lisle, the Admiralty and the names and dates of the Egypt (1882–1884) and Sudan (1884–1885) campaigns.