Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Memorial in Westminster Abbey, London commemorating William Wragg d. 1777

Memorial: M4810
Above the inscription, a sarcophagus on dolphin feet in relief carved with a scene of a shipwreck, the Dutch coast in the background. A mourning female figure in classical dress to one side of it. A scallop shell flanked by dolphins in the pediment of the sarcophagus. Wragg is shown at the stern of the ship. Tom Skene, Wragg's slave, is shown rescuing Wragg's son in the foreground. Both survivors cling to a piece of wreckage.

St Paul's Cathedral, London, England

Monument in St Paul’s Cathedral, London commemorating Admiral Richard Howe d. 1799

Memorial: M1010
Full-length figure of Howe in uniform holding a telescope, leaning on the beak of a galley attended by History and Victory, a lion on his left, Britannia seated behind him.