Cathedral of St Thomas of Canterbury, Portsmouth, England

Plaque in Portsmouth dedicated to those lost with HMS ‘Isis’ in 1944

Memorial: M4936
Metal inscription plaque with a marble support, at the top is a carved, oval wreath of laurel leaves surrounding a bas relief in bronze of a WW2 destroyer. The inscrition is on the outer side of two doors which open to reveal a full list of casualties.

Grimsby Central Hall, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England

Window in Grimsby Central Hall commemorating the officers and crew of the steam trawler ‘Sheldon’ lost 1953

Memorial: M5638
The window depicts St Peter clad in a short tunic and holding a net, seagulls behind. Below, a profile portrait of the trawler within a border of shells and fish. The names of the men are on panes bordered by fishing net. A lighthouse is placed at the bottom of the window.