Memorial: M689

Monument in Exchange Flags, Liverpool commemorating Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson d. 1805


Exchange Flags, Liverpool, England




Description: (Liverpool Mercury 22 Oct 1813)' On a casement of Westmorland Marble stands a circular pedestal of the same material, and particularly suitable in colour to the group which it supports. At the base of the pedestal, are four emblematical figures of heroic size, in the character of captives or vanquished enemies; an allusion to the four signal victories obtained by Lord Nelson, viz those of St. Vincent, the Nile, Copenhagen and of Trafalgar. The space between these figures, on the sides of the pedestal, are filled by four grand bas-reliefs, executed in bronze representing some of the great naval actions in which the immortal Nelson was engaged. The rest of the pedestal is richly decorated with lions heads and festoons of laurel; and in a moulding round the upper part of it, is inscribed in letters of brass, pursuant to the resolution of the general and meeting, that most impressive charge, delivered by this illustrious commander, previous to the commencement of the battle of Trafalgar: ENGLAND EXPECTS EVERY MAN TO DO HIS DUTY. The figures constituting the principal design are Nelson, Victory and Death; his country mourning for his loss, and her navy eager to avenge it, naturally claim a place in the group. The principal figure is the Admiral, resting one foot on a conquered enemy and the other on a cannon. With an eye steadfast and upraised to Victory he is receiving from her a fourth naval crown upon his sword; which to indicate the loss of his right arm, is held in his left hand. The maimed limb is concealed by the enemy's flag, which Victory is lowering to him, and under the folds of which Death lies in ambush for his victim; intimating that he received the reward of is valour and the stroke of Death at the same moment. By the figure of an exasperated British Seaman, is represented the zeal of the navy to wreak vengeance on the enemies who robbed it of its most gallant leader. Britannia with laurels in her hand, and leaning regardless of them on her spear and shield, represents the feelings of the country fluctuating between the pride and anguish of a triumph so dearly purchased, but relying for security upon her own resources.'
Type: Monument
Materials: Marble, bronze
Artists: Mathew Cotes Wyatt, Richard Westmacott


Battle of Trafalgar 1805


Nelson, Horatio
Age: 47
Date of Death: 21/10/1805
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Vice Admiral
Organisation: Royal Navy


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