Memorial: M6602

Plaque in Islington Green, Islington, London commemorating  Frederick Parslow VC d. 1915


Islington Green, Islington, London, England


'Master Frederick Parslow / Mercantile Marine / 4th July 1915'


Description: Stone circular floor plaque with an intricate carving of a Victoria Cross above the transcript.
Type: Plaque
Date Erected: 04/07/2015
Vessel: Anglo-Californian

Event Date


Event Category

1914-1918 First World War


Parslow, Frederick
Age: 59
Date of Death: 1915
Cause of Death: War Casualty
Rank / Occupation: Master
Organisation: Merchant Marine


Notes: Parslow distinguished himself in action against the German submarine U-39 on the 4th July 1915.
It was for this action that Parslow won his Victoria Cross. Commanding the merchant ship 'Anglo-Californian', Parslow was responsible for some 3,000 horses destined for the war effort.
The 'Anglo-Californian', travelling without escort, came under contact from U-39 and sustained heavy damage. Parslow under great personal risk continued to alter his ships course and in doing so, successfully staved off destruction. However, as Parslow had opted to remain on the ship's bridge, without protection, he was killed when the bridge was wrecked. Following Parslow's death and in lieu of a captain, the ship's first mate and Parslow's son, took command of the 'Anglo-Californian' and managed to ward off U-39 until two British destroyers arrived on scene to render assistance and drive the submarine away.

For his gallantry Parslow was posthumously awarded a commission in the Royal Navy Reserve, after much debate, that he may be awarded the Victoria Cross for his distinguished command, and his disregard for personal safety that saved his crew and cargo.

See also M6603.
Recorder: Graham Thompson. 09/08/2017

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