Memorial: M6521

John Williams d. 1688
John Williams d. 1688

M 6521 Memorial to John Williams d. 1688, Carmarthen, who served with Captain Morgan Kempthorne, of the ‘Kingfisher‘.


St Peter's Church, Carmarthen, Wales


‘Near this Place / lyes the Body of John WILLIAMS / youngest Son of NICHOLAS WILLIAMS / of RHYD-ODWYNNE in this County / Esq / His Early Inclinations Carry’d him to the / Service of his Prince att Land & Sea / In the last at Reformade to Capt KEMPTHORNE / to whose Memory Honor is due from his Countrey / he Behav’d himselfe w’th Resolution worthy of a Gent / in an Action Eminant for its Inequality of 7 Algerines / ag. One single ship the Kgfisher who Maintained the sea / Disabl’d to Pursue/ when Further Occasion was Deny’d him to Prosecute his / inclinations he retired into his own Countrey where he / liv’d an honest man and Died a Good Christian in / the communion of the Blest Church, the church of ENGLAND / Anno Domin 1687/8 Aetatis Suae 29 / this Monument an Afectionate Bro.r. Caus’d / to be Erected in Gratitude to his Memory.’


Description: Cartouche, surmounted by an urn. The inscription surrounded by a laurel wreath, scrolls and flowers.
Type: Wall tablet
Materials: Stone
Vessel: Kingfisher


Williams, John
Age: 25
Date of Death: 1688
Cause of Death: unknown
Rank / Occupation: unknown
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Recorder Dr Jean Wilson, 2014. Refers to the 'Kingfisher' action 2 June 1681.
Recorder: Dr Jean Wilson, 2014

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