Memorial: M6333

Memorial Calder Fountain at Custom House Square, Belfast, commemorating Commander Frances Anderson Calder, RN d. 1855


Custom House Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland


‘Erected by Public Subscription / As a Memorial of the labours of / FRANCIS ANDERSON CALDER, COMMANDER. R.N., / In the cause of humanity / and to whom is mainly to be attributed the erection, between the / years of 1843 and 1855 of ten water-troughs for the use of Cattle in / BELFAST. / AD 1859 "The Righteous man regardeth the life of his beast.’
‘Erected by Public Subscription / In commemoration of / FRANCIS ANDERSON CALDER, COMMANDER. R.N., / Founder of the Belfast Society for the Prevention of Cruelty / to Animals, and for twenty years its active Honorary Secretary. / AD 1859 “Blessed are the merciful.”


Description: A rectangular stone water fountain for both animals and people. A stone water trough of each long side for cattle. A smaller water basin at each of the shorter sides for people.

Vessel: Merlin; Tremendous


Napoleonic Wars


Calder, Francis Anderson
Age: 68
Date of Death: 11/1855
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Commander
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Calder joined the Navy in 1803 as a midshipman. He became a Lieutenant in 1811, during the Napoleon Wars. In 1815, when the wars ended, Calder’s navy career was cut short. He was promoted to Commander in 1853.

Calder was a passionate promoter of animals rights and founded what is now the USPCA.
Photographer: Pippa Lacey