Memorial: M5481


Cathedral, Lisburn, Lisburn, Northern Ireland


Description: A pyramid with a sarcophagus on lion's paw feet in relief. The front of the sarcophagus is carved with a naval action, above it - a figure of Fame with a trumpet holds and oval relief portrait of the lieutenant. The inscription panel is placed beneath the sarcophagus.
Type: Monument
Position: South side of altar
Date Erected: 1780
Artists: Edward Smyth
Vessel: HMS Drake


1775-1783 American Revolutionary War


Dobbs, William
Date of Death: 24/4/1778
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation: Lieutenant RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Dublin Evening Post 'The memorial erected by the inhabitants of the town of Lisburn, to the memory of William Dobbs, Esq., was lately opened. It stands on the south side of the altar in the Cathedral Church - in the top is a bas relief of the brave officer - in the middle a representation of thes sea engagement in the Lough of Belfast in which he lost his life. The monument was designed by Mr Smyth, a very able artist of this kingdom., the inscription was composed by Councelor Dunn,'
Bibliography: Homan Potterton 'Irish Church Monuments 1570-1880' (The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society)p. 80.

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