Memorial: M5361

Tomb at Kirk Maughold, Isle of Man commemorating Hugh Crow d. 1829 and William Crow d. 1799, masters of slave ships



St Maughold's Church, Kirk Maughold, Isle of Man


[Top] 'Sacred / to the memory of / CAPTAIN HUGH CROW / late of Liverpool / proprietor of / East Ballersa now Crow Villa / in this parish / born in the town of Ramsey in the year 1765 / died 13th May 1829 / aged 61 years / also of WILLIAM HINDS / of Crow Villa nephew of the late Captain Crow / died the 8th July 1848 aged 50 years / Captain CROW commanded the ships WILL, CERES, MARY and KITTY'S AMELIA / with much credit to himself and to the entire satisfaction of his... / he also fought several actions with the enemy / for which he received repeated marks of / approbation of the merchants and underwriters / of London and Liverpool / "An honest man's the noblest work of God'/ [South side] 'Sacred / to the memory of / EDMUND CROW late / of the town of Ramsey / who was born 12 Novr / 1730 and departed this / life 25 Feby 1809 aged / 79 years / also in memory of / JUDITH CROW alias / TEARE his wife who was / born 4th August 1737 / and died 30th Decr 1807 / aged 70 years / deposited in this / also are the remains / of CORNELIUS HINDS / late of the town of Ramsey / died the 5th Sept 1802 / aged 84 years / MARGARET his wife / died the 27th Sept 1804 / aged... years' [North Side] 'Being the father and/mother of Captain HUGH CROW and CAPT WILLIAM CROW / the latter of whom died / at Bonney on the coast / of Africa in the year / 1799 / also father and mother of MR JOHN CROW / Master carpenter / who was drowned at Kingston Jamaica / in the year 1802 / also of JOHN CROW / Snr who lies interred in this / church yard'


Description: Tomb carved in the Adam style with pilasters at the ends and fan decoration in the corners of the panels.
Type: Tomb
Position: Churchyard
Materials: Slate


Crow, Hugh
Age: 61
Date of Death: 13/5/1829
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Master
Crow, William
Date of Death: 1799
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Master
Crow, John
Date of Death: 1802
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Carpenter


Notes: Inscriptions recorded by the Isle of Man Family History Society. Crow left £50 in his will for burial expenses and the erection of a tomb. William Crow, mariner of Liverpool, Hugh's brother drowned 3 February 1800 at Bonny in present day Nigeria (will).
Bibliography: R. Watkin 'Captain Hugh Crow: a Liverpool Guineaman', 'Mariners Mirror' vol 63 (1977) pp. 177-85; Hugh Crow 'Memoir of the late Captain Hugh Crow of Liverpool' (London, 1830).

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