Memorial: M49

Statue at Ordnance Island, St George Town, Bermuda depicting Sir George Somers d. 1610


Ordnance Island, St George Town, Bermuda, Rest of the World


Description: Depicts Somers with his arms raised celebrating his deliverance from shipwreck, his cloak billowing around him.
Type: Statue
Materials: Bronza
Date Erected: 1984
Artists: Desmond Fountain


Somers, George
Age: 56
Date of Death: 9/11/1610
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Admiral
Organisation: Virginia Company


Notes: Somers' body is buried at Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset. The shipwreck of his vessel the 'Sea Venture' on Bermuda in 1609, is believed to have inspired Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. He is remembered as the founder of the English colony of Bermuda. Another statue of Sir George Somers was erected in his birthplace, Lyme Regis in 2016, when Lyme was twinned with St George's, Bermuda. The sculptor is Ron Mole.

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