Memorial: M4783

Memorial to Charles Harbord and Clement Cottrell d. 1672 at Westminster Abbey.


Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England


'To preserve and unite the memory of two faithfull friends who lost their lives at sea together May XXVIII MDCLXXII' 'Charles Harbord KN third son of Sr Charles Harbord KN his Majesties surveyor general and first Lieutenant of the Royal James under the most Noble and Illustrious Captaine Edward Earl of Sandwich Vice-Admiral of England which after a terrible fight maintained to admiration against a squadron of the Holland fleet for above six houres neere the Suffolk coast having put off two fireships at last being utterly disabled and few of her men remaining unhurt was by a third unfortunately set on fire but he (though he swome well) neglected to save himself as some did and out of perfect love to that worthy lord (whom for many years he had constantly accompanied in all his honourable imployments and in all the engagements of the former warre) dyed with him at the age of XXXII much bewailed of his father whom he never offended and much beloved of all for his known Piety Virtue loyalty fortitude and fidelity.' 'Clement Cottrell Esq Eldest son of Sir Charles Cottrell KN M of the Ceremonyes and his assistant to have succeeded in that office for which he was very fit having a tall handsome person a graceful winning behaviour and great natural parts, much improved by study and by converse in most Courts of Europe where firme to the Church of England he learned not their vices but customs and languages understanding seven and speaking four of them as of his owne, though but XXII yeares of old yet not content to serve his King and Country at home only his excess of courage incited by a deep sense of honour could not be kept from going volunteere with the Earl of Sandwich with whom he had been in Spaine when his Ex was there AMR EXTRY with whom having returned unwounded into his ship from being the first man that had boarded a Dutch one of LX gun and pulled downe the ensign of it with his own hand he also perished universally lamented'


Description: Relief showing 'Royal James' being attacked by a fireship and the Dutch squadron under Van Tromp. (RCHM) 'Black and white marble wall monument consisting of a high base with trophies and a bas-relief of a sea fight and above two large inscribed panels each with a cartouch of arms and having a common cornice and broken voluted pediment.'
Type: Monument
Position: Nave
Materials: Black and white marble
Artists: William de Keyser


Battle of Solebay 1672

Event Category

1672-1674 Third Anglo-Dutch War


Cottrell, Clement
Age: 22
Date of Death: 28/5/1672
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation:
Harbord, Charles
Age: 32
Date of Death: 28/5/1672
Cause of Death: War casualty
Rank / Occupation:


Notes: Sir Clement Cotterell and Charles Harbord were both killed at Southwold. Information on attribution from Simon Watney, it is not entirely certain.
Bibliography: K.A. Esdaile 'English Church Monuments' (London, 1946) p. 97; 'An Inventory of the historical Monuments in London' vol. i 'Westminster Abbey' (London, 1925-9) 58a.

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