Memorial: M4451

Memorial at Toxteth Park Cemetery, Liverpool commemorating William R. Burgess d. 1881 in the loss of the ‘St Mirren’


Toxteth Park Cemetery, Toxteth, Liverpool, England


'In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM R BURGESS, eldest son of William and Sarah A Burgess, who was lost at sea by the foundering of the ship 'St Mirren', on her voyage from Calcutta to Liverpool in the year 1881, aged 16 years'


Type: Headstone
Position: H479
Vessel: St Mirren


Burgess, William R.
Age: 16
Date of Death: 1881
Cause of Death: Vessel Loss
Rank / Occupation:


Recorder: Martin Davies, April 1985, Friends of the Merseyside Maritime Museum

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