Memorial: M435

Memorial in Msida Bastion Cemetery, Malta commemorating Captain Thomas Graves RN d. 1856


Msida Bastion Cemetery, Malta, Rest of the World


'To the memory of my beloved husband...wicked hands bereaved me but THY Will O Lord be done'



Graves, Thomas
Age: 53
Date of Death: 28/8/1856
Cause of Death: Murdered
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN. Superintendant of Ports
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Born Belfast 1802. Died from a wound inflicted by boatman Guiseppi Meli.
Bibliography: Frederic Boase 'Modern English Biography' vol. i, p.1213 (London, 1965); 'United Service Gazette' (6 Sept 1856) pp.5, 6, 8.

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