Memorial: M3876

Memorial in Shaugh Prior, Devon, commemorating Nicholas TomsĀ Carrington d. 1830


St Edward's Church, Shaugh Prior, Devon, England


'SACRED / TO THE MEMORY OF / N.T. CARRINGTON / Author of "Dartmoor"; "Banks of Tamar"; "My / Native Village", and other poems. / He was born at Plymouth 17th July 1777 / and died at Bath 2nd September 1830 / He lies buried in the churchyard of / Combehay near that City. / Distinguished by his literary works / He won the regard of his countrymen. / Mild and meek by nature his heart overflowed / with the "milk of human kindness". / He loved and practised virtue / for its own pure sake and without shew of formality. / He was in spirit and in practice a humble and earnest Christian. / "Around his grave let sweetest flowers upspring / in memory of that fragrence which was once / from his mild manners quietly exhaled"'


Description: Memorial dedicated to Noel Carrington in Shaugh Prior, Devon. d. 1830.


Battle of Cape St Vincent

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1793-1802 French Revolutionary War


Carrington, Nicholas Toms
Date of Death: 2/9/1830
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Seaman
Organisation: RN


Notes: Apprentice in Plymouth Dockyard. Fought at Battle of Cape St Vincent 14/2/1797 as seaman.
Bibliography: Graham Dean and Keith Evans 'Nelson's Heroes' (Norwich, 1994) pp. 44-6.