Memorial: M3743

Tomb in Rotherhithe, London commemorating Prince Lee Boo d. 1784


St Mary's Church, Rotherhithe, London, England


'To the Memory / of Prince Lee Boo / a native of the Pelew or Palos Islands: / and son to Abba Thulle, Rupalk or King / of the Island Coorooraa / who departed this life on the 27th of December 1784 / aged 20 years; / This stone is inscribed / by the Honourable United East India Company / as a Testimony of esteem for the humane and kind treatment / afforded to the crew of their ship / the Antelope, Captain Wilson / which was wrecked off that island / in the night of the 9th August 1783. / Stop, Reader, Stop! Let Nature claim a tear, / a Prince of Mine, Lee Boo, lies bury'd here'


Type: Tomb
Position: Churchyard
Materials: Brick
Vessel: HEIC Antelope


Lee Boo, Lee Boo
Age: 20
Date of Death: 27/12/1784
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation:
Organisation: Honourable East India Company


Notes: More recent tablet with similar inscription on north wall inside church.
Bibliography: A.E. Daniell 'London Riverside Churches' (London, 1897) p. 244.