Memorial: M2602

Memorial in Helston, Cornwall dedicated to Henry Trengrouse d. 1854


Town centre, Helston, Cornwall, England


'Gun from H.M.S. Anson wrecked on Loe bar, Porthleven 29th December 1807. This gun was salvaged by naval skin divers of the ship's company H.M.S. Seahawk. The mounting and carriage replica of the original was constructed at H.M.S. Seahawk and presented by the descendants of Henry Trengrouse of Helston inventor of the life saving line throwing apparatus as a tribute to his memory 26 November 1965'


Vessel: HMS Anson


Trengrouse, Henry
Date of Death: 1854
Cause of Death: Vessel Loss
Rank / Occupation:
Organisation: Royal Navy


Bibliography: David Saunders 'Maritime Memorials & Mementoes' (Yeovil, 1996).pp. 61-2 (illustration).

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