Memorial: M2476

Monument at St Mary and St Lawrence Church, Great Waltham, Essex, commemorating Hugh Everard d. 1703


St Mary and St Lawrence Church, Great Waltham, Essex, England


'This Monument, covers not the Ashes but perpetuates ye memory / of HUGH EVERARD, second son / to Sir HUGH EVERARD of Langleys, Bart. / A son tho' not born to ye Estate & Honr: of ye Family / Yet early inherited the Virtues and Bravery of it, / The glorys of whose infancy / Rais'd our just Hopes to expect wonders from his Manhood / For being not 13 years of Age, he left Felstead school / Sept: 22, 1700 & on ye 29th he went Reformade / Under Capt: Whitaker to convey King Wm: from Holland / Tho' then a Tempest arose whch destroyed many in his sight / Yet the undaunted Youth still had Glory in view. / The invitation of that, & ye Greatness of his soul / Lessen'd all the threatenings of Danger / Aug 15th, 1702, After several voyages & hardships endur'd by land & sea, / A Descent being made into Spain, / His choice and request put his courage upon action, / Being ye third yt landed, and ye Spaniard horse coming upon them, / The Commander fell by his hand, / And ye sword of the man of war grac'd the side of ye young stripling, / But now reader, / Turn thy triumphant song into mournful Dirges / For ye fatal 27th Nov: 1703, comes big wth tempest & ruin / (Such as former Ages never knew, & future will scarce Credit) / Wn our brave young man (having chang'd his ship in order for new Achievements) / And crew were swallowed up by the insatiable Goodwins. / Thus fell the Ages wonder. / After he had established a Reputation / That shall never dye.'


Description: Urn on the cornice of an architectural setting; above the inscription table is a hand holding a drawn sword inscribed above: 'Virtutis Pretium' and a trumpet inscribed: 'Magna cano' (the worth of his bravery, I loudly sing) Below the gadroon edge is a relief of Everard's ship driven onto the Goodwin Sands by the storm. Inscribed below 'Spes nulla salutis' (no hope of safety).
Type: Monument
Position: South side of Nave
Materials: White marble
Vessel: Restoration


Great Storm 1703


Everard, Hugh
Age: 15
Date of Death: 27/11/1703
Cause of Death: Vessel Loss
Rank / Occupation:
Organisation: Royal Navy


Bibliography: K.A. Esdaile 'English Church Monuments' (London, 1946) pp. 98-9.
Recorder: B. Tomlinson
Photographer: B. Tomlinson