Memorial: M2337

Memorial in Great Yarmouth dedicated to David Bartleman. d. 1781


St Nicholas's Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England


'TO / The Memory of / DAVID BARTLEMAN / Master of the Brig Alexander & Margaret / of North Shields / Who on the 31st of Jan. 1781 on the Norfolk Coast / With only three 3 pounders and ten Men and Boys / Nobly defended himself / Against a Cutter carrying eighteen 4 pounders / And upward of a Hundred Men / Commanded by that notorious English Pirate / FALL / And fairly beat him off. / Two hours after the Enemy came down upon him again / When totally disabled his Mate Daniel Mac Auley / Expiring with the loss of blood / And himself dangerously wounded / He was obliged to strike and ransome / He brought his shattered Vessel into Yarmouth / With more / Than the Honours of a Conqueror / And died here in consequence of his wounds. / On the 14th February following / In the 25th Year of his Age . / TO commemorate the Gallantry of his Son / The Bravery of his faithfull Mate / And at the same time Mark the Infamy of a / Savage Pirate / His afflicted father ALEXANDER BARTLEMAN / Has ordered this Stone to be erected over his / Honourable Grave / 'Twas Great / his foe tho' strong was infamous / (the foe of the human kind) / A manly indignation fired his breast / Thank GOD my son has done his Duty.'


Type: Headstone
Position: Graveyard
Vessel: Alexander & Margaret

Event Category

1775-1783 American Revolutionary War


Bartleman, David
Age: 25
Date of Death: 14/2/1781
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Master


Notes: John Fall operating as a privateer under American letters of marque against East Coast shipping (see Arthur E. Bensley's web page 'Fall the Pirate').

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