Memorial: M2152

Memorial Ledger at St Mura’s Church, Fahan, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland, commemorating  Horatio Nelson, Midshipman, RN d. 1811



St Mura's Church, Fahan, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland


'In memory of / HORATIO NELSON / late Midshipman of H.M.S. Endymion / an amiable youth / who breathed his last at Fahan House / in the 18th year of his age. / Could friendship have prolonged his days / he had lived. Born at Burnham Thorpe in the County of Norfolk. / Died November 17th 1811. / Nomenq. erit indelebile nostris


Type: Ledger
Position: Graveyard
Vessel: HMS Endymion


Nelson, Thomas Horatio
Age: 18
Date of Death: 17/11/1811
Cause of Death: Unknown illness
Rank / Occupation: Midshipman RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Latin motto-Ovid 'Metamorphoses' xv, 875. ‘My name shall never be forgotten.’ Gravestone erected by Captain Sir William Bolton. Fahan House, Fahan, was the home of Captain Sir William Bolton.

Bibliography: W.S. Furguson 'Horatio Nelson, Midshipman’, 'Mariner's Mirror' vol. 54, pp.191-2, (Cambridge, 1968)

Photographer: Owen McGonagle