Memorial: M2012


St Nicholas's Church, Deptford, London, England


'RICHARDVS PRAENOBILIS COMES CORCAGENSIS/VXORIS SVAE PATRVO B.M.P./MEMORIAE PERENNI, EDWARDI FENTON, REGINAE ELIZABETHAE OLIM PRO COR=/PORE ARMIGERI IANO O-NEAL, AC POST EVM COMITE DESMONIAE IN HIBER=/NIA TVRBANTIBVS, FORTISSIMI TAXIARCHI; QVI POST LVSTRATVM, IMPRO=/BO AVSV, SEPTRIONALIS PLAGAE APOCRYPHVM MARE ET EXCVSSAS VARIIS PEREGRINATIONIBVS INERTIS NATVRAE LATEBRAS, Ao M.D.LXXXVIII. IN CELEBRI CONTRA HISPANOS NAUMACHIA, MERUIT NAVIS/PRAETORIAE NAVARCHVS, OBIIT ANNO DNI M.DC.III./COGNATOS CINERES.ET AMICAM MANIBVS VMBRAM/O FENTONE, TVIS, EXCIPIAS TVMVLO./VSVRAMTVMVLI VICTVRO MARMORE PENSAT,/ET REDDIT GRATVS, PRO TVMVLO TITVLVM./ [Translation] 'Richard Earl of Cork erected this well desrved monument to his wife's paternal uncle. To the perpetual memory of Edward Fenton, formerly Esquire of the Body to Queen Elizabeth, and who afterwards served with great distinction as Brigadier in the civil commotions occasioned by Shane O' Neil and afterwards by the Earl of Desmond, in Ireland. He subsequently undertook many bold and adventurous voyages in the unknown seas of the Far North exploring previously uninhabited regions. Finally he commanded the Admiral's flagship in the famous naval engagement against the Spanish Armada. He died in 1603.' 'Mid kindred dust Fenton, we lay thee down, Where kindred shade shall greet thy high renown. Not that the living marble shall set forth To future times a sailor's, soldier's worth; Recorded but the line 'Here Fenton lies' Shall living marble's self immortalize'


Type: Wall monument
Position: East wall north side
Artists: Epiphanius Evesham


Spanish Armada 1588


Fenton, Edward
Date of Death: 1603
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation:


Notes: DOSSIER. On monument to Roger Boyle d. 12/10/1615.
Bibliography: J. Summerson 'Monuments in St Nicholas Deptford', 'Mariners Mirror' vol. 27 p. 280 (Cambridge,1941).

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