Memorial: M1875

Memorial at St David’s Church, Exeter commemorating members of the Floud family including Lieutenant Ross Moore Floud RN d. 1852


St David's Church, Exeter, Devon, England


‘This monument is erected in loving memory of / Thomas Floud Esqr. of Sherwood, Devon. / Died a Exeter April 25th 1842, aged 74 / Also to Anne his wife daughter of Ross Moore Esqre / J.P. of Carlingford, Ireland died July 7th 1854 aged 69. / Also to their children / Isaac Cary Floud Died at Frankford, Upper Canada, Oct 9th 1896 / Elizabeth Mary Floud Died June 15th 1836 / Thomas Floud Esq. solicitor Died Feb 23rd 1881 / Ross Moore Floud, Lieut. RN. Died at Barbados, November 28 1852 / Charlotte Floud Died Decr. 6 1886 / Edwina Floud Died an infant May 28 1819 / Edward Francis Floud, Lieut 2nd Regt MNI [Madras Native Infantry] / Died at Jibbulpore [Jabalpur] April 19 1853 / Katherine Edwina Floud Died Octr. 9 1873 / Frances Anne Floud / Died Nov. 30 1890 / Martha Catherine Frances Floud / Died 4 Jan 1900 / Also to the memory of / Sarah Anne Fussell / wife of Thomas Floud Esqr. Solicitor / daughter of William Edwards Esqre. / Great Elm, Somersetshire. Died July 1st 1883 / Also to the memory of Anne Fletcher wife of William Cotton of Exeter, FSA / daughter of Thomas Floud, solicitor and Sarah Anne his wife / who died November 21st 1882, age 41 / Also lies buried in this vault / Margaret Parrott / the … nurse – faithful servant / and trusted friend of the Floud family / with whom she lived nearly 50 years / Died 25th March 1860 – aged 83 / Well done thou good and faithful servant’


Description: Coped stone over family vault.
Type: Coped stone
Position: Churchyard


Floud, Ross Moore
Age: 33
Date of Death: 8/11/1852
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Lieutenant
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: Ross Moore Floud born 22 Dec 1818.
Recorder: David J. Wickham, 2019

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