Memorial: M1753

Gravestone at Holy Trinity Church, Caister-on-Sea commemorating Alice Balfour d. 1857 in the wreck of the ‘Ontario’


Holy Trinity Church, Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk, England


In memory of Alice, wife of Capt. Balfour of Blackpool who perished on the Barber Sands from the wreck of the 'Ontario' on the night of the 22nd October, 1857, aged 49 years'


Type: Gravestone
Position: Churchyard
Vessel: Ontario


Balfour, Alice
Age: 49
Date of Death: 22/10/1857
Cause of Death: Vessel loss
Rank / Occupation: Passenger
Organisation: Unknown


Notes: Charles Mackie 'Norfolk Annals' vol. II. 1857 Oct 22. 'The brig Ontario, of South Shield’s, from Newcastle to Suez with coals (Capt., Balfour), foundered on the Barber Sand off Yarmouth, and drifting to the Cockle Gatway, was lost. The captain, his wife and son, and the crew of 24 hands perished. The chief mate, William Coates Robinson, alone escaped.'
Bibliography: Charles Mackie 'Norfolk Annals' vol. II.

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