Memorial: M1348

Memorial window in St Peter’s Church, Binton commemorating Captain Robert Falcon Scott RN d. 1912 and his companions



St Peter's Church, Binton, Warwickshire, England


'Here Captain Scott with his brave companions / full of zeal to plant the British flag at / the South Pole receive their last farewells / on their way south', 'Here the intrepid explorers coming upon / the flag of Amundsen learn with great / disappointment that the Norwegian expedition, had forestalled them', 'Here Captain Oates, that brave and gallant / gentleman - unwilling to be a burden to / his companions, leaves them and the shelter / of the tent to die', 'Here the search party erect a cairn to / mark the resting place of their gallant / countrymen, Capt. Scott, Dr Wilson, and Lt. Bowers' [top] 'Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends'


Description: Window of four lights, the centre panels depict episodes from Scott's last expedition within gothic canopies. Below, small roundels depicting biblical scenes - Abraham and Isaac, Moses in the bullrushes, the boy Samuel, David and Golliath. Above - two small trefoil lights show the expedition vessel 'Terra Nova' and the cairn above the explorers' grave. The crucifixion is shown at the very top of the window with the inscription 'Greater Love hath no man'.
Type: Window
Position: West window
Materials: Stained glass
Date Erected: 25/9/1915
Artists: C. E. Kempe & Co., H.G. Ponting


Scott, Robert Falcon
Age: 43
Date of Death: 3/1912
Cause of Death: Unknown/None
Rank / Occupation: Captain RN
Organisation: Royal Navy


Bibliography: David Saunders 'Maritime Memorials & Mementoes' (Yeovil, 1996) p. 21. Max Jones 'The Last Great Quest' p. 256.

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