Memorial: M1243

Wall monument in All Hallows Church, Barking, Essex commemorating Captain John Lytcott RN d. 1697


All Hallows Church, Barking, Essex, England


'Near / this place lyeth the Body of Giles Lytcott, [late of] / Stratford Langthone in ye County of / Essex Esqr youngest son of Sir Iohn Lytcott of / East Moulsey in ye County of Surrey by M[argaret] / Daughter of Sir Nicholas Overbury [& Sister of] / Sir Thomas Overbury who was [poisoned in] / the Tower. He was born ye 2nd of November, / 1633 and dyed August ye 11th 1696 in ye / 63rd year of his age. He was ye first Controller / General of all ye Accompts of ye Customs [of] / England & of all ye English Colonies / which Office he executed from / 1671 to ye time of his death. He married Sarah / Daughter and Heiress of Richard Culling of / Woodlands in ye County of Devon Gent: by whom / [he had] 5 sons & 5 Daughters. His eldest son Giles / dy'd in ye East Indies in ye Streights of Molucca / going to China in ye year 1688. His second son / Iohn dy'd in ye West Indies Comander of His Majests. / shipp ye Pembroke 10 months after his Father / aged 27 years. He had served his Majesty King / William in all ye war with France & was [in all] / engagements by sea during ye war but dy'd in / ye squadron under ye comand of Admiral Nevil / in ye fatall sickness wherein so many Brave / men Lost their lives'


Description: A large wall monument consisting of an inscribed column, without a capital, but standing on a moulded and inscribed pedestal, with an architectural background and two children who act as supporters to the upper part of the column and hold inverted torches, one of which is missing. The lower part is elaborately designed with carved consoles and a substructure of a cove three times recessed, over foliage surrounding a mask.

Type: Wall monument
Vessel: HMS Pembroke


Lytcott, John
Age: 27
Date of Death: 1697
Cause of Death: Unknown
Rank / Occupation: Captain
Organisation: Royal Navy


Notes: DOSSIER (illustration)