Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Memorial at Westminster Abbey to Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Warren d. 1752

Memorial: M4793
Pedestal surmounted by a bust of the admiral wearing his star and ribbon of the Order of the Bath. To the right, Hercules is placing Warren's bust on a pedestal. On the left Navigation with a withered olive branch is seated on a cornucopia and regards the bust 'with a mixed look of veneration and melancholy'.

Clarence Esplanade, Southsea, Portsmouth, England

Memorial on Southsea Esplanade, Portsmouth to those who died during the 1857-1861 commission of HMS ‘Chesapeake’

Memorial: M5009
'The memorial consists of a column, of a free Romanesque treatment, with plinth and sub plinth resting on a pedestal, the summit being ornamented with a naval crown of gilt bronze, elevated on a tripod also of bronze...The sculptured capital, the base and band of the column, the sub plinth and the die of the pedestal and the step, are of Portland stone. The base of the tripod and the cornice and plinth to the pedestal are of the grey Forest of Dean stone. The shaft of the column is in red Aberdeen granite, polished and the plinth is of grey granite, also polished. The plinth has on it a representation in bronze of the attack on the Taku Forts. The sculptor who executed this portion of the work was Mr T. Phyffers.'The Builder

Trafalgar Square, London, England

Memorial in Trafalgar Square, London commemorating Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson d. 1805

Memorial: M4507
Corinthian column with a statue of Nelson on the top, reliefs of his victories round the base.

All Saints Church, Dovercourt, Essex, England

Memorial at All Saints Church, Dovercourt, Essex, commemorating Captain Charles Algernon Fryatt d. 1916

Memorial: M2061
Above the inscription, the memorial is carved with a representation of the Merchant Navy cap badge flanked by laurel branches. The inscription itself is has a rope border with two figure of eight knots at the top corners and a carrick bend below. 'PRO PATRIA' is surrounded by a laurel wreath.