Parish Church, Abercorn, West Lothian, Scotland

Memorial commemoration Captain Sir William Cunningham Cavendish Dalyell RN d. 1865 and Commander Osborne William Dalyell RN d. 1862

Memorial: M2787
Marble wall monument, the full family arms and motto 'RIGHT AND REASON' carved above a granite inscription tablet in a gothic surround.

St Peter's Church, Tawstock, Devon, England

Memorial in Tawstock, Devon commemorating Captain Sir Robert Bourchier Sherard Wrey RN d.1916

Memorial: M3
Alabaster wall tablet. The inscription tablet is flanked by pilasters, the entablature carved with three knots and the badges of the Royal Navy and North Devon Hussars. The family arms in the centre of a scrolled pediment. Heraldry painted and gilded.

St Peter's Church, Tawstock, Devon, England

Memorial at Tawstock, Devon to Captain William Bourchier Sherard Wrey RN d. 1926

Memorial: M2
Alabaster wall tablet with an arched pediment on brackets carved with gilded knots. The pediment contains the family arms and crest, painted and gilded with the motto: 'TEMPS VIENDRA'. A gilded naval crown below the inscription.

St Mary's Church, Watford, Hertfordshire, England

Brass plaque in St Mary’s Church, Watford, Hertfordshire commemorating Lieutenant Randolph Capell RN d. 1857

Memorial: M4728
Brass tablet enamelled in black and red on a black marble surround. A rope guilloche surrounds the inscription. The quatrefoil at each corner of the border contains a foul anchor flanked by interlaced crosses. Below the inscription, are the Capell arms, with a naval sword behind. The Crimea Medal is suspended from the shield.