St Petroc's Church, South Brent, Devon, England

Wall tablet in St Petroc’s Church, South Brent, Devon to Rear-Admiral William Cuming d. 1824

Memorial: M2786
Marble wall tablet with relief of a mourning woman leaning over an urn, laurel branches behind the plinth; the inscription on a draped cloth below.

All Saints Church, Milford on Sea, Hampshire, England

Window at All Saints Church, Milford on Sea, Hampshire commemorating Admirals Robert Man d. 1813, William Cornwallis d. 1819, John Peyton d. 1809 and Captain John Whitby d. 1896

Memorial: M2718
Red ensign, flying above a shore with the names of the four officers on a surrounding round blue band.

St George's Church, Beckington, Somerset, England

Memorial at Beckington to Rear-Admiral Henry Ffolkes Edmund Edgell d. 1846

Memorial: M6528
Inscription tablet with moulded top supported on four cannon balls at either side. Above, beneath a plain pediment are a male and female mourning figure flanking a large anchor on which they rest their arms. The man is dressed in the uniform of a Captain RN, the women holds a book. The memorial includes the arms, crest and motto of the Edgell family. 'QUI SERA SERA'.

St Mary's Church, Masham, North Yorkshire, England

Memorial at St Mary’s Church, Masham commemorating Vice-Admiral Octavius Henry Cyril Venables Vernon Harcourt d. 1863

Memorial: M6515
Trophies, arms and coronet, also an inscribed scroll above the inscription tablet. This is flanked by pilasters carved with laurel branches tied with ribbon, shells and floral arabesques below. On brackets carved with acanthus leaves.