Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England

Monument in Westminster Abbey commemorating naval captains – William Bayne,  William Blair and Robert Manners RN d. 1782

Memorial: M4795
Rostral column hung with oval portraits of the three captains by a cherub. Victory with wings and a wreath stands on top. At the base of the column are Britannia with the British lion and Neptune with a seahorse; flags behind. The inscription on the base is flanked to left with a relief of anchors and navigational instruments and to right with a relief of a rudder, gun, mortar and compass.

Cathedral, Lisburn, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Memorial: M5481
A pyramid with a sarcophagus on lion's paw feet in relief. The front of the sarcophagus is carved with a naval action, above it - a figure of Fame with a trumpet holds and oval relief portrait of the lieutenant. The inscription panel is placed beneath the sarcophagus.