Hoe, Plymouth, England

Memorial: M4935
A stone column, rectangular in section, on top in bronze, a standing figure of Britannia holding a shield, spear and sword, a lion by her side. Round bronze portrait medallions on the sides, of the English commanders, and a relief of a naval battle on the front. Coats of arms in bronze round the base, of the cities and towns which contributed to the defence of the country in 1588. Elizabethan and modern Royal arms on the front and back. The monument is flanked by mortars, guns and piles of shot.

St Boniface's Church, Bunbury, Cheshire, England

Monument dedicated to George Beeston in Bunbury, Cheshire d. 1601

Memorial: M1699
Recumbent effigy in armour, on a table tomb carved with three shields of arms. The figure is within an arch flanked by pillars on plinths. An inscription on the back wall with arms above. At the top, pyramids supporting shields of arms, a second inscription between them with armorials above. This inscription tablet set within a border carved with military trophies, a cannon and a ship.

Cathedral, Bristol, England

Window dedicated to Sir Walter Ralegh d. 1618, in Bristol Cathedral.

Memorial: M5891
Full length standing figure in four light window as companion to Robert Blake.